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Monday, March 19, 2007
  Wii Loop Machine

This weekend I finished the Wii Loop Machine software that I started a few weeks ago. It's a system for using the wireless Wii remote to sync, control, and manipulate loops in real time.

It's now ready for download as a standalone application...if you have a Mac with OSX (10.4.8 or 10.4.9 recommended) and bluetooth and a Wii controller then you should give it a try:
Download the Wii Loop Machine Version 1.0
[edit] Please go to my new website dedicated to the Wii Loop Machine, there you will find the latest version of the software as well as a FAQ and more:

It uses the aka.wiimote object for Max/MSP by Masayuki Akamatsu.

Download it, unzip it, and follow the directions in the patch (it will probably take a couple of tries to get it working). It will automatically load in the samples that are in that folder, but you can load your own as well. If you don't have any other samples you can download these samples from my song "Hold still for a sec" off my album.

Please let me know what you think, what you would like to see improved. Send me an email if you would like to see the code - I would especially like to hear from you if you would be able to make a Windows version.

And now you can watch a video of me looking ridiculous while playing with this software...

[edit] If you're having trouble with anything, check the comments for this blog for some tips. Next week I'll post some help videos and better directions.
shits off the hook
so awesome
i'm seriously considering buying a bloody wii because of that very thing you created there. great job!
Wow! Just downloaded it and played around - fantastic! :-)
holy f@cking $hit! Brobot Loves you!!!!!
hey great work. i am not even a musician. It looks great! Really a nice idea. I know some coders and i am thinking about realising it on windows so it would be great if you could contact me because your contact form das not work atm

Now, If i was any kind of whiz kid on the code mashing, I'd develop a virtual drum kit that used the two Wii controllers as drum sticks for a virtual Air drum machine that could be linked to trigger drum samples or allow for live midi drum programming by simply waving your arms around. The idea's out there!

I love this technology!
very relaxing music... plus your voice is quite relaxing too, so i just loaded the vid and had it running in the background while i was chilling... thanks for that ;)
nice! great presentation
four thumbs up
Hey, Great Video. About to try the app.
You cannot stretch the page because blogger "may"
want to put up ads?
great job, congratulation from France ;-)

I can't get it to work. Somehow, I can't make my Wiimote pair with my Powerbook 17 inch and I use the latest OS version (10.4.9). The system finds the Bluetooth signal, but can't connect with it.

Can somebody give me some hints on how to get it to work?
Incredible job and great performance! That software of yours makes for a great live performance indeed. You need more squarepusher beats though :). This software is definetly the best use of the wiimote I have seen by far.

I may have to attempt to set this up myself now!
hmmm a couple of people have had trouble connecting. I'm not really sure what the problem could be...maybe try pairing the wiimote with your computer by pressing the red sync button next to the batteries? That may help. I'll try and look into it.

Thanks for all the great comments, I'm glad people are enjoying it!
Please please make a Windows version! This looks great, but I am Mac-less.
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G work!!!
really awesome, can't wait to give it a try.
and pretty funny video too... ;)
wahhh windows version plox!
This is so cool, Yann! You never cease to amaze me!
This looks awesome! Great job, love it!
Well, actually something really weird happens during the pairing process if you're using an older Mac (PPC).

It says it recognizes the Wiimote and finishes the process as with any Bluetooth device you connect.

The problem arises when it's finished, the Wiimote disappears from the list of other Bluetooth devices. This problem has also been reported on It has to do something with the software internally.
it happens also with my 1st gen intel...
i'm going crazy...
how did u connect to your wii EXACTLY??? T__T
This is a fantastic idea and it worked great with my macbook. A couple of suggestions for the app....

I was messing around with the noise generator and would get a pitch I liked and switch to another loop with the z button pressed so the noise would stay, but when I switch the other loop it automatically signals the z button command on the second loop. This is especially inconvienent when I've got the granulate function turned on and where I like it, but when I switch back to that loop it turns off.

Another suggestion, it would be nice to be able to trigger a loop while working on another loop (by pressing the 1 button I guess) and just have it play once (or have it loop until you press 1 again) Like a sound clip of a person speaking that could be triggered no matter where you currently are in the program.
Really nice! But maybe you should ask a designer to redesign the user interface..
If I'm not mistaken, this is the same concept as the Kaoss pad that was released by Korg about 5-7 years ago? Cool idea no less though!
I can't decide whether it sounds like crap because of the unsuitability of the interface, or because of your lack of musical ability. But it's great for making annoying noises.
That's great! The interface is a liiittle messy, but that's easily fixed, once somebody good at that kinda thing offers to do one for you!

My one suggestion would be, add some elements of user-defineable modules, so for instance if I wanted to have one section do a delay and another do a phasing function, I could program that into the software. I can't wait to incorporate this into live performances!

Good job!
Using a Powerbook G4 running 10.4.9 -- I can't get the file to unzip. It unzips to a hidden, temporary folder, and when I unhide it and run the app, Finder says it may be corrupt and won't run it. :( It looks really cool, though, and the video presentation is very well done. Congratulations!
lol that is so cool. good work!
WOW! That is freakin' hot!

Hats off to you, sir! Very well done indeed, and thank you, very much, for sharing this wonderful tool/toy.
I have no idea about the background, since I'm no web designer.

But an old trick is: if you can, put some extra space at the end of your page, so the last posting gets the background. Empty/blank area will render fast anyway I suppose...

This empty area at the end may get no background... but it will be less of a problem.
Ryan, was the Korg controller wireless? This one is. How much was the Korg? This is something many already own. Also, I don't think it's that expensive to just buy a wii remote on it's own. (A quick search reveals retail prices to be between $30 and $50.)

Has anyone heard anything about the rumored wii remote gloves? Or is that just a wet dream?
That's a pretty sweet toy you've worked out there for musicians. I would love to see a YouTube video if anyone ever actually uses this for a live performance.
I just checked out the Korg Kaoss that Ryan mentioned. Looks very impressive, but the current version, the KP-3, runs around $400. I have a motorcycle, and thus cannot afford such a toy. =) I suppose someone else will say they are a musician and thus cannot afford a frivolity like a motorcycle.
Thanks again for all the support, this has been totally overwhelming!

Some people are definitely having trouble connecting, although they all seem to be for different reasons. Over the next few days I'll try and fix everything and make a more obvious tutorial on pairing the wii with your computer. I'm also going to try and get a windows version asap. I just need to find a windows computer with Max/MSP!

I don't quite understand the Kaoss pad comparison...I love the kaoss pad, I find it to be a wonderful tool in many ways, and it's far far more powerful than my software. But the functions are entirely different, it's a sampler that manipulates sound through touch, whereas my loop machine is a player that manipulates sound through movement. two different tools, I would say! It might be cool to use both at once, one hand on the kaoss and one on the wiimote.
Your singing voice sounds very much like Serge Gainsbourg!
The background does not extend to the bottom of the page because the div with the id "blogbody" has style set to "height: 4000px;" - basically, the box that all the content is in actually stops partially through the comments. The comments overflow, but the background is only as tall as the box. To fix this, you should just be able to delete "height: 4000px;" from the line

<div id="blogbody" class="blogbody" style="height: 4000px; border-top: 2px solid #000;">
Cant really read all the comments...hopefully this will get through the fog of it: Use HTML as a tag (instead of body) and apply the background to it.
I installed your software and had lots of fun with it loading my own loops. I definitely want to see future versions. Keep up the good work.
I'd love to figure out how to port this to linux. If only I could afford a Wii.

Great work man!
Frigging amazing. I'll be trying this out over the weekend. Looks like you just managed to make a "game" worth switching my Wii back on for, great job, thank you! So much for intending to spend the time on my new ps3, making beats is way more satisfying.
Really nice work! I love seeing creative usage of technology. But damm you tho Im gonna have to buy a Wii... oh and a Mac! A linux version would also be very Zen.

Keep up the good work.

Off the hook!
i am so in love with you right now

too bad i don't play video games :-(
Amazing work. Off the wall I say, revolution to electronic music concerts for a very affordable price.
Is anyone's remote just vibrating like nuts? Mine seems to go and won't stop whenever I use the loop at the top.
hehehe the vibrating feature is definitely overkill and doesn't work how it should. the idea is that it should vibrate just a touch at the sync point for the loops, but it doesn't seem to work well. i'm gonna fix it in version 1.1.
that is unbelievable!

and the beat is pretty hot too...great work homie
i can't get it to work. I can connect to darwiinremote. But then it doesn't work in the looping app. How can i get it to work? I read the other comments.
Owh, BTW i have a Mac Mini Intel 1,83
Tight,,,so very very tight!! Good work man!! Now I will get tennis elbow from mixing lol.
Thanks for the gay post kotik.
This shit is Gay with a capital G and completely useless. I don't know why you'd waste your time creating such a useless program. So you could sit in your room and dance around making the beat sound wack while you flail your arms? Wow yeah dude thats DOPE! Off the hook! lol fuck that. shit is gay & all you little homos riding nerd boys jock need a jailhouse ass reaming.

=) one.

En français puisque tu maitrises la langue:-)
C'est du super boulot et cela ouvre de nouvelle voie pour le live performance

just because you like a good jail house ass reaming charlie truth tella doesn't mean its right for everyone.

I'm very impressed with the wii remote application, not seen it before but I'm sure there will be a lot of copy cats.
very entertaining video too!
man i wish there was some way to make this a more universal-type MIDI controller that i could use with reason or ableton. where movement would edit control parameters on the soft synth modules/sequences like cutoff, etc. not very practical or efficient i guess but it would be sweet for live shows!
i was thinking the same thing about sending midi date so i can control some stuff in reason, that would be fun!
amazingrolo! I saw you linked on engadget and remembered that I haven't been to em411 in a while. Hope you're doing well! Looks like you've made an amazing tool here. keep up the good work!
Cool, not as cool as Michel Waisvisz's Hands but cool for a bit of loop gimmickery.
Well done.
For those having trouble getting their wiimote connecting I would recommend this writeup:

That said, I can't get the program working either. I get an error in the status window:
• error: matrixctrl: can't find file MatrixDefaultCell.pct
• error: matrixctrl: can't find file MatrixDefaultBkgnd.pct
aka.wiiremote 1.0B5-UB by Masayuki Akamatsu
• error: matrixctrl: can't find file MatrixDefaultCell.pct
• error: matrixctrl: can't find file MatrixDefaultBkgnd.pct

Please help, i'm dying to play with this!
A cool idea for future versions would be to utilize the onboard microphone to create loops on the fly. PLEASE SOMEONE, I'M IN SERIOUS NEED OF A WINDOWS VERSION OF THIS!
Lol. this is great stuffs dude. consider me flicking my wrist while typing this comment. im so happy i got a wii =]
you sort of sound like a super laid back mc solaar

this is amazing.
OMG, That was freaked out and small, compliments, thnx for the inspiration, awesome work!!
As soon as i find a friggin place that sells Wii's i'm def gonna grab this, looks like so much fun, especially for us kidzzz!

very awesome of you to offer up this up to everyone

peace and good luck

sympa le ptit air et la chansson ; )
wiiii j'en ai enviiiiie !
Hey, sorry to cause all the confusion with the Kaoss Pad. I realize that the Kaoss is spendier, wired, and not something that everyone has at home, however I was just trying to add to the conversation. The point I was adding is that the Kaoss pad can be setup in such a way to manipulate samples and edits much in the same way as your Wii remote. I figured if people found the Wii remote to be a good idea, and wanted something along the same vein (ie a machine that can manipulate both midi/sample functions on an X and Y spectrum) then thats what Korg has for them. Also, in this thread some have brought up that they would like your Wii remote available for other programs like Ableton/Reason etc etc. The Kaoss pad does manipulate user defined parameters(Both midi and audio) in those programs. I have seen it practically implemented by the likes of electronic composing virtuoso BT (GO check out his stuff!) and it was sick. So with that said, once again, your Wii remote is an awesome idea and its a great thing for people to have to play with that already have Wii consoles. As for performing musicians like myself, that like this idea and are searching for a piece of equipment with similar functions - then you are looking for the Kaoss pad. Simply put. Sorry for the confusion, keep up the good work!
interesting, but so so pointless
fuckin ace
vision and the riddle
This software is amazing. It would be great if you could have it support two Wii remotes, or one Wii remote + nunchuk.
Top class!

I gonna tell all my producer mates about this. Excellent!
Excellent !
Je l'essaye tout de suite !
Et merci pour tout ce travail :-)
This is literally the coolest thing I've ever seen.
I intend on using this to perform live... going to chop up some drum and bass (jungle) as suggested and will be the first Wii-P.A. performer. :D

Big up.

P.S. Contact me if you desire.
awesome idea - could the s/ware be modded to control a quartz composition / or CoreAnimation in leopard - it would be incredible to extend it to an A/V experience - 2nd Wii remote for VJ...?
Montag, I think extending this concept into the visual realm is a fantastic idea. Since I built this in Max/MSP it would make sense to do video manipulation in Jitter (which could also be responding to the sound, rather than just the Wii data). Another cool way would be to send OSC out to Quartz Composer to generate open GL graphics, but that's a different universe for me! If anyone wants to work on something like that definitely let me know.

Ryan, thanks for clarifying all of that! The Kaoss pad is definitely an awesome performance tool.

DJ Whatthebleep - I'd love to hear audio or see video of you using this software in concert!

Thanks again for all of the continuing support. I hope to have a version 1.1 available in a few weeks.

Et merci à tout les francophones! n'hésitez pas de m'envoyer des mails en français.
I saw Feist using a loop machine to get the baseline, melody and then perform a great song. I'm thinking i would love to see her playing with your loop machine, well is there a mic on the wiimote? :D
awesome !

you've just been featured at studiotoolz !
Would love to see a WinXP version!!

this would be the only reason I would by a Wii!
a. doubleyou. e. ess. o. emm. e.
Hey totally cool work u have dere! wud love to see the code, perhaps would like to work on it or improve on it further (its already very impressive) or realising the windows version

can contact me @
ça claque le cul mon pote !!!!
c'est inutile mais carrement superbe j'ai presque envie de me payer un WII
C'est tout simplement fantastique.
De trés loin la meilleure utilisation que j'ai pu trouver pour ma Wiimote!!
Vraiment Génial,

Enfin une utilisation créatives de cette technologie !

Bravo !
I really want to use this. Did everything i could to sync up my remote, but still get this:

• error: matrixctrl: can't find file MatrixDefaultCell.pct
• error: matrixctrl: can't find file MatrixDefaultBkgnd.pct
aka.wiiremote 1.0B5-UB by Masayuki Akamatsu
• error: matrixctrl: can't find file MatrixDefaultCell.pct
• error: matrixctrl: can't find file MatrixDefaultBkgnd.pct

Anyone got any advice
That error message (the matrixctl one) is a bug, but shouldn't effect the pairing or the use of the software at all. Follow the directions on this page very carefully to pair your wiimote with your computer before launching the loop machine:

Or try using Darwiin Remote:

Hope that helps!
Si seulement tu pouvais faire la même chose pour Windows ou Linux, je n'ai pas les moyens de m'acheter un Mac Book Pro...
Do you have to have Max/MSP to use this?
Can you use it to send generic MIDI messages or control other software?
PowerBook G4 user here: using the instructions under Bluetooth setup, my computer now recognizes my remote. However, when i open up the looping program and press 1 + 2, I am still not able to control it. I tried using Darwiin Remote, but when that program is running, the loop station still doesn't recognize remote. The DarwiinRemote allows me to control my mouse and click on things, but even when the LoopingMachine is open, the buttons still function as they are assigned in DR(i.e. "1" is "Mouse on") anyway to get around this? I have a feeling I'm close, since my computer recognizes the remote and allows me to control the mouse with Darwiin,
very interesting dude, enjoyed it.
That is amazing, please could you port this to PC, I have a Wii and I love using my Wiimote on my PC.
How cool is that!!???!!!

I see the future where DJs will load and mix their records on the fly with Wiimotes!

You are clearly a musical-developer combination god!
I'm at the stage of connected and darwinwiimote is up OK. But wiiloopmachine does nothing (not even if I click around with a mouse, other than select tracks... should it play if I click on the radiobuttons?)

Anyway, one thing I noted in Bluetooth setup is that I'm connected but not paired. Is that a problem?
Nice video, Not quite as cool as that kid on YouTube though!
am i getting this right: there's no wii needed, only a wii remote?

thanks for a interesting piece of program!
Tu cartonnes !!!! Ton tool est troooop trooooop puissant !

How many language do you speak ? :P
Quoting Philip (one of the first comments:

"Now, If i was any kind of whiz kid on the code mashing, I'd develop a virtual drum kit that used the two Wii controllers as drum sticks for a virtual Air drum machine that could be linked to trigger drum samples or allow for live midi drum programming by simply waving your arms around. The idea's out there!"

This idea has me excited. I wish I could program because I'd be all over this! I've played drums since I was 12. This would rock!

Someone PLEASE code a virtual drumming program for two Wii Controllers!!!
I'm very impressed with you tool. Kudos to your ingenuity and more than anything to lighting the fire of ideas for the rest of us to hack it up and make tools as well.

You are amazing!
pizdeeec COOL!!!!
ebanutsya mozhno!
Do I have to buy nintendo wii for 400$?
Can I just buy wii remote for about 40$?
how does the wii remote is charged?
Can please anyone answer my questions?
You do not need a Wii console. I don't own one, I've never even played a wii console! My software (and most of the software available online) requires only the wiimote.

You don't need Max/MSP either, it should run as an .app file on mac osX.

Also, make sure your audio is setup correctly by clicking on "audio setup"...clicking on the play buttons should set the loops playing, even if your wiimote isn't connecting (make sure to play the top loop first, as the others won't play until that one is playing)
very cool indeed!! But please make a flash movie of it so we can use it on our Wii's !!!! Wiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Pretty sweet stuff, I wish I had a Mac, although I have used GlovePIE's MIDI facilities. Show up with this at the Forest Cafe sometime soon and I'll be there.

I can understand how a Windows version would be tough seeing as there's no Max/MSP...
Still cant get it to work, both RVL and Darwiin controller detect the wiimote, Darwiin reads the wiimote but when I run darwiin and wii loopmachine darwiin seems to still have control and will open the apple menu when I press A for example.

OSX bluetooth preferences sees the wiimote, connects to it but -does not- Pair. "Connected: yes, Paired: No" is that right?
FUCKING SICKNESS!!! Big up funky whiteboy - get your groove on.
Please make a Windows version. I'd love an opertunity to play around with your kick ass mod.
should point out that I can control wii loopmachine from the wiimote through darwiin: using the wiimote as a pointer I can click on start/stop etc, but the button mappings (home/2/shake) have no effect
Make us a version that turns the wiimote into a fully assignable MIDI controller and i'll pay whatever you want to charge.
Keep this up dude. I love it. You should enlist some help and propose your idea to nintendo or something. PEOPLE WILL MAKE MONEY OF YOUR IDEA!!! You should look into it first.

keep up the good work ;)
"Make us a version that turns the wiimote into a fully assignable MIDI controller and i'll pay whatever you want to charge."

Listen to this guy!
How about one controller controlling the resonance, and the second one dealing with cutoff?
i want this now! dont have a mac tho :( hurry up and port it to windows so i can use it this looks very nice good work!
Wow, a new burst of comments! I'm so glad people think this is a cool idea. I'm trying my best to get a windows version, if anyone is good at compiling windows c/c++ code please get in touch!

I'm sorry you're having so much trouble, pauric, do the directional arrows work? it seems strange that darwiin works but not the loop machine.

do you happen to have another computer to test it out on? for some reason some computers don't seem to like it. send me an email with as detailed a list of connection problems as possible. Hopefully version 1.1 (give me a couple of weeks...) will fix a lot of issues.
Excellent work. I gotta make some time to try this out...
Amazing work. Reminds me of some work I did in MAX/MSP 9 years ago back in college getting a keyboard's pitch wheel to scrub through samples emulating the effect of "scratching" on a turntable. Keep up the good work!
I'm having the same problem where Darwiin Remote and everything else works but Wii Loop Machine simple doesn't seem to recognize it. Should the LED be on and solid? I'm dyyyying to try it...
I'm having the same problems as some other people -- I can get my Wiimote to connect with Darwiin or RVL Enabler, but Wii Loop Machine never recognizes it. Apple Bluetooth will say it's connected but NOT paired, and I can never get it to pair using Apple Bluetooth. None of the buttons on the Wiimote do anything in Loop Machine. Help! I really want to try this out.
Okay! I seem to have isolated one problem that some people are having.

The "power" button in the Wii Loop Machine software is somewhat misleading, it actually needs to be clicked with the mouse. Here are the directions I sent to one person with success:
1. Press 1 + 2, pair the controller in the bluetooth menu as detailed in the directions. Once it's paired correctly the lights should stop flashing.
2. Immediately open up the loop machine software
3. Press 1 + 2 again to make the lights flash again
4. Click "power" in the software.
5. In the Max window (apple+M) I think it should say "connect 1" (among other things).

I hope that helps! I'm travelling at the moment, but next week I'm going to make a short tutorial dedicated to getting the software up and running...I wasn't expecting such interest and all of this has taken me off guard! Thanks to everyone for all the support and for getting in touch, this has been really incredible for me.
awesome, fix worked like a charm, thanks rolo! kinda threw me off that the LED lights on the Wiimote actually had to be OFF. but yeah, brilliant program, can't wait to use my own loops (though yours are great). keep up the good work.
i dont want to play the wii loop machine and i have a 2 wii controler and a wii system .I use my second controler to play the wii loop machine but my second one dont work on the wii system. Does it effect the wii controler when i want to play me wii system?

please let me know!!!!!!!
seems really awesome, but the zip file was corrupt...wont let me extract anything................
I love it !!!

Please adjust the sensitivity of the wii-remote a bit. The pitch for example is hard to use - it just reacts to strong. I would like a feature to switch the functions of the editing area - for example to fade in a sample and pitch it afterwards.

This application has a huuuuge commercial potential ;)
Duuuuude I went out a got a Wii remote as soon as SOON as I heard about this thing! I can't believe you made this yourself. The only trouble I'm having with this, is I can't figure out how to put my own loops and songs on to the program. If you could put something on here on how to do it, that would be awesome! And to all the retards who are saying this looks like crap, and it has stupid sounding stuff on here?!! you for sure don't know how to work this thing, becouse I have no problem with getting sweet sounds.
to use your own samples, just drag and drop a folder of uncompressed (.wav, .aif, .sdII) sound files onto the blue drop down menus. a little green frame should pop up when you're hovering over the menus with a folder.

glad you like it! hope that helps.
Excellent job! I've been looking for something to use for live performance situations - as people staring at me staring at a computer is rather dull. Getting a new laptop soon - if I get some footage of me using your software I will be sure to let you and other users (and would-be users) know. Support for TWO Wiimotes would be incredible. Ableton's Live would be a natural choice for control with proper coding. Please consider it. Thank you SO much! -anthony antfactor [][]
You're a f***in genius dude! that is so badass!
Great work and thanks for sharing!

It seemed that I had to add the extension ".wav" to the files in the "Funky" folder to get them to show up on the drop-down menus.

Thanks again!
music = amazing.
technology and work involved here = brilliant.
you = fucking HOTT.

seriously. you're gorgeous.

keep it up!
great programme. i will be using it!
thank you very much!

i just quicky put together a dnb track earlier. its really rough and out of sync in some bits but its a demo like :-P

have a look if you're interested:

:-D thanks again mate!
stupid nerd, beats are for cool ppl

- pretty kool though
Where is the Vista version? I NEED THIS!!!!
Amazing, really! I've post it on my blog...
tout simplement effrayant, felicitations ami Rolo, je ne me lasse pas d'ecouter la partie chantée ;)
excellente idée !!!!! et quel style ^^
Very Good website, even I run a similar software website and if you are looing forward for some partnership please email me at

From KingP
These comments have been invaluable to me as is this whole site. I thank you for your comment.
Can i use this with the Wii Console or is it solely for MAC users for now?
poopy crap
You've just convinced an IBM user to switch over to Mac. Before I go do you have any cool software for my ATX motherboard? Just thought I'd ask seeing that you are GODly with computers.
showing this off around berlin!
soo cool
Very cool and very inteligent I´m gonna try... I can´t help it...
definitely looks fun, although i don't see it having any real use for musicians
Awesome concept! I've been using it for about 15 minutes, and everyone in my office keeps coming by for a try. Although I will use it to remix my own beats, this little peice of software is amazing. I'd like to help if I can add more features to it, i think Max definitely has alot more to offer, and you can make a pretty comprehensive Synth/Drum Machine/Sampler... all for use with the Wii remote.

Thanks for the inspiration keep up the amazing work.
Amazing stuff, rolo. ;} My feature request would be a switch to turn off the loop synchronizing. I'm using it to play with abstract, ambient, soundscape stuff, and I'd like to be able to mix loops of different lengths without having them altered to match the master loop.

But overall you did a great job with this. If I come up with anything interesting with it, I'll post a link.
right. so ive checked it out and im currently slightly annoyed that i dont have a mac, but stuck on a windows comp. ohwell.

just wanted to let you know that after hearing the very end, when your freestyling, ive decided to check out your music.

best product placement ever.
you really should work on the granulation/cut engine though, it doesnt sound as good as it could be (hint hint ^^). cheers mate.
Great. I like the mechanism.

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