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Thursday, December 15, 2005
  I had the nicest dream.

Thanks to a little encouragement (and a lot of help) from my friend Jonathon I recently started learning how to use After Effects - the software that I'm now realizing is used to make every car commercial that you see on TV. I picked it up fairly quickly, probably because of the similarities with audio software. I think I'm only barely scratching the surface, but it's a useful skill to have, and I thoroughly enjoy it, even though waiting for video to render is the most mind numbing activity ever.

In any event I used After Effects to compile a lot of footage that I took at the Farm one day over the summer, and I lengthened and remixed an old song of mine to create a music video! I'm fairly happy with it. I think it's a good initial foray into the world of video.

Click here to watch or download. It's a 20 mb quicktime file, so be patient! Make sure your volume is turned up or else it gets kinda boring.
i like the moments where the sprinkler "paddle" is right in time with the beat. Looks like a strong innitial effort.

im thinking about getting one of those quickstarts books to get into the program.. I got it but Ive sat down and fiddled about for a half hour before getting ultra-frustrated and quitting. How'd you pick it up? did you RTFM? :) :) :)
haha! i did not RTFM, I just have really cool knowledgeable friends who help me with anything graphics and video related. That's the best way to learn, I think!

The syncing of the music and sprinkler is kind of on purpose by accident. It's really hard to sync audio and video in After Effects, so I just made music that fit the mood, and it worked out really nicely.

Thanks for watching and listening...
thanks for sharing :)
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